Thursday, April 7, 2011

Drew's Crew

  I walked into the dimly lit room, apprehensively aware that I was being watched.  I glanced around the patrons to locate my contacts.  They were seated, leisurely in the corner, each with their own unique aura.  I humorously thought of Charlie’s Angels, one man and three women looking as if they had secrets aplenty.  I’m invited to join this group, become an Angel, and learn the secrets of the craft.  “Charlie” was kicked back, smoking a Cuban and blowing great clouds around him.  He chuckled deeply as I approached.  A beguiling blonde sat to his right.  She looked at me as if I’d just fell off the turnip truck.  “Red” held her hand out towards an empty seat I was meant to take without question.  My spine tingled uneasily as I sat down and I discovered, across from me, “The Quiet One”.  Quiet ones are dangerous.  They’re the ones that SNAP when you least expect it.  Still, I settled in, determined to be a part of this.  The conversation was lengthy and hushed, punctuated with the occasional burst of laughter.  I was given an envelope containing my assignment and told to have it completed by our next meeting.  “Don’t mess this up,” I heard behind me as I turned to leave.  “Not a chance.  It’ll get done, don’t you worry,”  and I slipped the package into my coat.  I turned up my collar against the chill outside and thought, “Sister, I hope you know what you’ve just signed up for.”  I won’t regret it.  I hope.

P.S.  I love you guys!!!


  1. (falling down in hysterical laughter)

    Bogart would be proud of you, Amanda....:)

  2. ROFL!!! Amanda, this was truly a work of sheer brillance. LOVE IT! I can't wait to read your pages! And I promise, you won't regret a single moment. :)

  3. you have ME interested!!! what happened before? what happened after??? DO TELL!

  4. Wow, Amanda...if this is what you can do in just one paragraph, I can't wait to see what you'll do with a full-length story. Great job

  5. Mwuahahahaha!
    Turnip truck, really? I gave you that impression? LOL! I'll be looking forward to reading your pages. ;-)

  6. Hi my name gorsaluke and i am trying to learn from good people about writing. I could use any advise i could get, i have one chapter up so far, and i dont really know where to find people to read it, i dont wish to spam people or try to promote i just want advise lol