Thursday, April 7, 2011

Drew's Crew

  I walked into the dimly lit room, apprehensively aware that I was being watched.  I glanced around the patrons to locate my contacts.  They were seated, leisurely in the corner, each with their own unique aura.  I humorously thought of Charlie’s Angels, one man and three women looking as if they had secrets aplenty.  I’m invited to join this group, become an Angel, and learn the secrets of the craft.  “Charlie” was kicked back, smoking a Cuban and blowing great clouds around him.  He chuckled deeply as I approached.  A beguiling blonde sat to his right.  She looked at me as if I’d just fell off the turnip truck.  “Red” held her hand out towards an empty seat I was meant to take without question.  My spine tingled uneasily as I sat down and I discovered, across from me, “The Quiet One”.  Quiet ones are dangerous.  They’re the ones that SNAP when you least expect it.  Still, I settled in, determined to be a part of this.  The conversation was lengthy and hushed, punctuated with the occasional burst of laughter.  I was given an envelope containing my assignment and told to have it completed by our next meeting.  “Don’t mess this up,” I heard behind me as I turned to leave.  “Not a chance.  It’ll get done, don’t you worry,”  and I slipped the package into my coat.  I turned up my collar against the chill outside and thought, “Sister, I hope you know what you’ve just signed up for.”  I won’t regret it.  I hope.

P.S.  I love you guys!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fun Filled Days Ahead!!

I attended my second meeting with the Northwest Houston RWA this morning.  I swear, I've known these gals from a past life!  I've never felt so at ease with a group of people before.  Not a single person there will make you feel like at outsider.  Never.  You get to be part of the group from the very beginning.  I felt like a kid in class again sitting by Loretta.  I was sure I'd get in trouble for giggling! 

I'm looking forward to an amazing year with everything planned for us.  Next month, I'll make it out to the West Houston RWA.  I got to attend their Christmas party and have already been placed with a task for next year.  I get to be the Christmas Elf!!  And I haven't even officially joined yet!  What a blast!

Until next time, Friends!